Dine with me / Spis med meg 20.04.2012

The tavern of the day. I found this lovely new tavern yesterday on my walk around Preveza city. And this tavern really had so much charm from the outside, that I just had to go and also try it  from the inside. And wow… was this a place with a lot of humor, laughter and … Continue reading

The true spirit of Greek easter

The story of the light, that the Greeks are holding in my photos. Is called the holy light. This light has arrived by air plane from Jerusalem… This light is from inside of the grave of Jesus. And They say that an Greek orthodox priest goes in to the holy grave and holds 33 candles( … Continue reading

The streets of Igoumenitsa

En tur i gjennom Parga by / A walk around Parga town

I mellom vinduer & dører / Through windows & doors


By stranden av Parga / The town beach of Parga

En ekte gresk by / A true greek town

Parga ved sol ned gang… (Parga at sun sett)

Parga i dag / Parga Today

Det er vinter i Parga, men byen sjarmerer… ( It is winter in Parga but the city still charm’s us) Parga by / Parga city Sort hvit bilde av Parga by / Black and white photo of Parga City