En tur i gjennom Parga by / A walk around Parga town

20 Responses to “En tur i gjennom Parga by / A walk around Parga town”
  1. Ateneit says:

    The first snap is extraordinary 🙂 Hope to visit the city one day!

  2. Such a beautiful town…thank you so for the tour, Dina!

  3. orples says:

    These are some gorgeous shots. I love the elements in the first photo with the steps and staggered doors.

  4. EllaDee says:

    Great photo of the lamp pole & bunting waving in the dusk. I could walk around Parga Town all day, only stopping for refreshments.

  5. Mona says:

    Spectacular. These should be in a travel brochure or magazine.

  6. belocchio says:

    This morning I was in Parga. I left behind the gloomy gray skies of the Pacific West Coat. The sun on my face. The breeze off the ocean. I plan on having lunch outside at the Green Bakery. Virginia

  7. Flotte bilder. Hellas er virkelig vakkert. Har bare vært på Rodos, så det er en hel del Hellas igjen 😉

  8. Alex Autin says:

    These are gorgeous shots!

  9. Johnsen says:

    Fantastisk. Moro med slike innlegg 🙂
    Takk 😉

  10. Hark, Zeke says:

    The first photograph is beautiful! I would love to have that many flower pots on my steps.

  11. eeksophie says:

    omgoodness! now i have another place to visit 🙂

  12. The town looks so calm!!.. Superb place to enjoy the weekend at beach town in peace 😀

  13. Jar Of Salt says:

    Wow. Beautiful, beautiful! What captivating scenery.

  14. invicta 1397 says:

    Nice post. Very fascinating and professionally composed article. I hope to uncover others in the near future.

  15. invicta 0066 says:

    Highly fascinating blog. You often publish a absorbing blog. I will visit again very soon.

  16. sanyo cg10bk says:

    Kudos for this post. Highly fascinating and accurately published blog post. Thanks!

  17. F.Emme says:

    Wow, gorgeous! Second to last picture: I want to live there. Third from last, I want to stroll there. And The Green Bakery: I want to try their cakes (the sign says Cake Bistro, right?).


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