By stranden av Parga / The town beach of Parga

12 Responses to “By stranden av Parga / The town beach of Parga”
  1. Love the pics! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Liakada says:

    Μας ξεσηκωνετε κυρια μου! Κι οχι τιποτα άλλο οι καιροι ειναι δυσκολοι κι ακομα δεν εχει πιασει καν η Ανοιξη! Καλη βδομαδα ευχομαι!

  3. I would love to vacation here!

  4. Stunning photographs!

  5. jdeterville says:

    hi I like the last image, but I would have cropped out the bar in the corner to really make it pop!


  6. imexcited says:

    Beautiful! BTW, thanks for liking my post 🙂

  7. Superb post. Highly interesting and well composed blog post. I hope to see others in future.

  8. Outstanding blog post. You always publish a interesting blog post. Thanks!

  9. Love the colours in the photographs of the beach – exactly the same colours I am trying to replicate in my jewellery so it was a good reference point. Many thanks!

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