Sunshine award / “Thank Pie You Blog” award

I would like to thank  DUTCHGOESITALIAN  for these award! I’m thrield  to know that my blog is appreciated, and thank you so much for these kind gesture:) I also want to thank all of my followers and visitors, because without you I would never get to share my passion for Parga, Greece . And don’t forget to check out Sunshine’s blog and ho gave me these award !

Accepting these award comes with some rules:

1) Answer 10 questions about yourself.
2) Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers. (For this time I’ll be only passing it through to 6 bloggers… Like the kind lady ho gave me  these award DUTCHGOESITALIAN  we can’t always stick by the rules!)
3) Link your nominees to the post , letting them know about the award.
4) Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

10 Questions:

  1. What is your favourite colour? mint green
  2. What is your favourite animal? I don’t really have one…. 😦
  3. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? That has to be fresh orange juice!!
  4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Twitter… never had Facebook..
  5. What’s your passion? Traveling, family and photography.
  6. What’s your favourite pattern? probably shopping :):)
  7. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? I love to give presents but I also love to receive them:):)
  8. What’s your favourite number? Luck number 10 :):)
  9. Favourite day of the week? That has to be Saturday!
  10. Favourite flower? White roses

Bloggers to whom I’m passing this award to:

I would also like to thank  for the “Thank Pie You Blog” award .

This is what she bloged about, for my blog Parga Hellas, and here other 5 choices:

Thank Pie you Blog award

I am passing on the Thank Pie You Blog Award to these five bloggers and letting you know what I am learning from their blogs:
1. 50 Year Project: a lesson in living an examined life
2. mothergrogan: history and neatly folded shirts — I get a lot of inspiration for my own photo-shooting here
3. Chanel: even if we don’t end up working in our chosen fields, we still have the sea
4. Dina: there is beauty all around us
5. Tony: “appreciate what you see” and the best “job” can be the one that doesn’t hand you a paycheck

And i would like to pass on the Thank pie You blog Award to these five bloggers to lett them know what i am learning from them because of their blogs:

  1. for capturing the true beauty of black and white photography
  2. for sharing his passion
  3. for being a true inspiration for us all
  4. see the world, and travel as much as you can
  5. for finding the moments, and capturing them on film

Thank you both for your kind words about my blog Parga Hellas

Sincerely Dina

One Response to “Sunshine award / “Thank Pie You Blog” award”
  1. I’m also a fresh orange juice person, which reminds me that I need to buy a new orange squeezer since I broke my other one a few days ago.

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