Ioannina om kvelden / Ioannina by night

Mens du besøker Parga.

Ta deg også en dagstur til Ioannina.

Ioannina er en av Epirus største byer…

Og her kan man kose seg til langt ut på kveld, med mye god mat,vin og shopping…

Ioannina ligger rund 1 time med bil fra Parga.

While visiting Parga.

Take also a day trip to Ioannina.

Ioannina is one of the largest city’s in Epirus…And  her you can enjoy yourself untill the late hours. With some amazing food, wine and a lot of shopping…

Ioannina is located about 1 hour with car from Parga.

7 Responses to “Ioannina om kvelden / Ioannina by night”
  1. cooleur says:

    Very nice photographs.
    Thanks for te hints.

  2. Mona says:

    I like your work.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I can’t see enough of them. Great work!

    Best Regards, JBS

  4. belocchio says:

    It is always a thrill to be able to slip into another place. The cold and rainy day in Vancouver is replaced with the vivacious and sunny photographs of Parga. Virginia

  5. Ben Leib says:

    I need to travel overseas.

  6. Now I have to go back to see if you had a translation on the following post since I found one here.

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