Herlig helg i Parga / Lovely weekend in Parga

Denne helgen så ble gatene i Parga fylt med later og varme.

Det minnet meg om sommeren.

Sesongen nærmer seg, og grekerne har kommet ut av hvile…

Motorsyklene kom også til byen, og hele havnen var fylt med musikk og lyd.

Sommeren er derfor oss nær, og vi er alle klare for at den kommer:)

This weekend the streets of Parga were filled with laughter and warmth.

It reminded me about summer.

The season is getting closer, and the Greeks are coming out of hiding…

The bikers also came to town and the whole harbour was filled with music and sound.

Summer is therefore approaching us, and we are ready for it to arrive:)

16 Responses to “Herlig helg i Parga / Lovely weekend in Parga”
  1. Liakada says:

    Eπιασε Ανοιξη!

  2. Divamamma says:

    Åh… Så hærlig!!!

  3. In our city the cafes were full for the first time in months! All the older folks out enjoying a Greek coffee and soaking up some sun 🙂 Love the photos!!

  4. Lovely photos! You must have had a great time! Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  5. Nate says:

    Always enjoy the photos. Makes me want to come and visit.


  6. Oh, Dina…your photos are so lush with happiness, and sunshine, and the Grecian way!

    Thank you!

  7. Would love to take one of those motorbikes for a little spin! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your amazing photos!

    Veronica Marie

  8. belocchio says:

    We long for your sunshine here in Vancouver. It has been two months of cold, rain and wind. We long to see blue skies and the tops of our mountains.
    We long to be able sit outside and drink our cafe au lait.
    Thank you for your photographs. We needed them.
    Lucky you. V.

  9. belocchio says:

    As usual beautiful and interesting photographs. Today I spend time examining the photographs of cafe life. There is nothing nicer than dining al fresco. V.

  10. Really engrossing blog post. I thought your blog is highly fascinating. Thanks!

  11. Very intriguing blog. Extremely engrossing and well written blog. Thanks!

  12. nikon 26239 says:

    Extremely engrossing blog post. Extremely interesting and excellently penned blog. I will come again soon.

  13. Ben Leib says:

    Beautiful images, and it looks like it was quite a party.

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