Preveza ligger rundt 45 min sør for Parga og det er en fin dagstur å ta fra Parga.

Preveza er byen, som har den nærmeste flyplassen ( Aktio) fra Parga.

Og det er denne flyplassen som alle charter og rutefly lander på i løpet av sommer sesongen.

Preveza er en veldig sjarmerende by rett ved vann kanten, og den består av mange kaffer og Tavernas.

Preveza er også et godt første stop, for turister som ønsker å leie seilebåt, å seile rundt omkring i Ionian sjøen.

Preveza is located about 45 min south of Parga,and it s a nice place to visit on a day trip from Parga.

Preveza is the city that has the closets airport ( Aktio) from Parga.

And it is this airport that both charter and commercial planes land during the summer season.

Preveza is a very charming city by the sea, with many small Taverns and cafes.

Preveza is also a great first stop, for the tourists that want to rent sailing boats, and sail around the Ionian sea.

10 Responses to “Preveza”
  1. ybawany says:

    Wow. These are breath-taking.


  2. All these shots are wonderful…the #3 drew me in, with its calm.

  3. Nina Venstøp Cappelen says:

    Fikk absolutt lyst til å utforske Preveza. Fine bilder:-)

  4. mark routt says:

    i love the warm toning on your photos.

  5. Oh i really love your pictures!!

  6. Ben Leib says:

    Your images of Greece are beautiful, and though I haven’t visited, it seems as if you’ve captured the spirit of the cities you’re photographing.

  7. I am very much interested with your pictures! There is something in their looks.. I dont know what it is .. that makes them look as if I am looking at something out of memories like vintage.. do you use any effect/tint?

  8. dkny ny8061 says:

    Much appreciation for this article. I thought your blog was pretty fascinating. I will come again very soon.

  9. Riveting article – thank you. I think your blog post is pretty riveting. I look forward to read more such soon.

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